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PCS OnCall is Dedicated to Serving Your Needs

With our wide range of services and willingness to create individual solutions for your business we will provide you with the best calling service you have ever experienced.


Our Services Include:

Telephone Answering Service: No matter what business you are in we can take your calls and deliver them to you in a timely, concise manor 365 days per year. In today’s “I need it now” society your customers expect to reach your business when they need you. At PCS OnCall we are always there to answer calls from your customers no matter the time, day or night.

Basic Telephone Answering Service includes:

Live telephone operator 24 hrs a day

Your own national toll free number.

A customized account based on your needs.

Message delivery by voice, pager, cell phone, text message, fax, email or a combination of all.

Physician Service: Our experienced staff will follow your instructions, screen your calls and dispatch them as instructed. Consultations and room notifications: We gather all of the necessary information that you need and relay them as received or at the times that you specify.


We confirm appointments, including reminding the patients how to prepare for their appointments. We can improve bill collecting by making reminder calls. The PCS OnCall Staff is trained in HIPAA privacy rules.


Funeral Home Service: At PCS OnCall we understand how fragile your business is and we train all of our staff on how to properly handle your calls with respect and reverence. When taking a “Death Call” we will get all of the necessary information that you need so that there is no delay in your response during this delicate time of need. Visitation and service information will be entered into your account so that accurate information is available to you.

Realtor Support Services: In this ever changing real estate market you cannot afford to miss a sale. At PCS OnCall we can answer your calls while you are out and patch them through to you so that you don't miss a call or a sale.. We can supply you with different telephone numbers for each marketing campaign so that you can track which campaigns are working for you.      

Appointment Scheduling: We can schedule appointments on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can place confirmation calls to you clients and/or patients and reduce the amount of “no shows” which will increase your bottom line!

Voice Mail: Our state-of-the-art voice mail system offers a wide range of money saving features, from a simple voice mailbox to a tree of multiple mailboxes. Your voicemail box can be programmed to page you whenever a message is left alerting you that a message has been received.

Give your callers the option of leaving a message or be connected to your cell phone. Once a caller leaves a voice mail message we can email it to you so that you can retrieve the call from any computer with internet access.


Call and Text Message Archiving: Conversations that our operators have with callers are recorded and kept on file for 60 days.  At any time during this 60 day period we can provide you a recorded copy of a conversation should there ever be a question of “who said what.”

You can also choose to have us archive your recordings for up to 3 years.  All text messages remain in our system for 72 hours, giving you instant access to messages recently taken.  After 72 hours the messages are archived and stored for five years.  Should you need a copy of a message that was taken during the last five years, we have you covered.

Call Screening: This is a customized recording that your callers hear which gives them general office information, office hours, etc.  It will politely ask them to call back during normal office hours if their call is of a routine nature.  However, if the call is an emergency they will be instructed to press zero or remain on the line for the next available operator.

Auto-dial: This is a feature that allows our system, instead of operators, to actually do the paging and locating of on-call personnel.  This keeps operator intervention down to a minimum, thus reducing your bill.

Patching: Need us to dial a number for you? We can connect you to anyone or any number you wish. Let us dial the number for you so you don’t have to worry about caller ID or the hazards of dialing while driving!

How’s my Driving?: We can provide you with stickers and toll free numbers to put on your vehicles so that concerned citizens can report any unsafe driving habits that your employees may have.

Wake Up Calls: Let us know what time you need a wake up call and we can schedule it, either live operator or automated.

Are You Okay Senior Care: We can call your elderly loved one at specific times throughout the day to make sure they are okay. “Have you eaten?” “Have you taken your medicine today?” If something is wrong we will call your designated contact person.

Virtual Office: We can supply you with everything you need to give your business the appearance of a fully staffed office without the cost of rent, utilities and payroll expenses!

Rates: At PCS OnCall we can customize a rate plan to fit your needs. You are charged on a time basis so that you are only charged for the time actually spent processing your calls. No rounding up is ever done, if a call lasts 10 seconds then that’s what you are charged for.

Many answering services bill every four weeks, or 13 times a year so that their rates appear low. At PCS OnCall we bill monthly, only 12 times a year



When you need an answering service, telephone service, call service PCS is the best answering service, telephone answering service, call service, paging service, phone receptionist, virtual office that you will find!


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