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The PCS Story...

PCS opened for business in 1985 with just four local customers. Today that customer base has grown to cover every state in the nation. Our customers have remained loyal to us throughout the years because we provide professional service at an affordable price. Our business was built on the belief that “customer service is the highest calling of all” and decades later that still holds true.


PCS Means Reliability You Can Count On.

During the planning stages of PCS we knew that in order to provide an exceptional service, at an affordable price we had to stay current with the ever changing world of technology. That’s why we only use the most state of the art equipment that is in turn backed up by dual back up power sources.

Another important piece of the puzzle was making sure that our customers always had direct access to upper management. No matter what the need is, our President, Kevin Richardson, is always available. In fact you will often hear him answering your calls!

“The only way to effectively manage a business is to be active in all aspects of that business. My customers look to me for solutions to their communications needs and I feel that the only way to offer true solutions is with a hands on approach.”

PCS Rates Are Affordable and Fair.

We can customize a rate plan to fit your needs. You are charged only for the time actually spent processing your calls. No rounding up is ever done, if a call lasts 10 seconds then that’s what you are charged for.

Many answering services bill every four weeks, or 13 times a year so that their rates appear low. At PCS OnCall we bill monthly, 12 times a year. At PCS we offer no tricks, no gimmicks just professional service at an affordable price.

PCS OnCall is Dedicated to Serving Your Needs

With our wide range of services and willingness to create individual solutions for your business, we will provide you with the type of professional service that you have been searching for



When you need an answering service, telephone service, call service PCS is the best answering service, telephone answering service, call service, paging service, phone receptionist, virtual office that you will find!

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