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PCS OnCall has live operators on duty 24 hours / 7 days a week, specifically trainded to handle your business calls accurately and professionally. We are there around the clock so that you never have to worry about missing a call or a sell. PCS means reliability you can count on. Our state of the art equipment combined with a dual power back up system ensures that we are always here for you. All conversations that we have with your customers are recorded and archived for three years and your messages are kept for up to 7 years. At PCS we always have you covered. So, no matter where you are or what you are doing you can rest assured that your business calls are being handled professionally and accurately.


PCS On Call is Dedicated to Serving Your Needs

With our wide range of services and willingness to create individual solutions for your business, we will provide you with the type of professional service that you have been searching for. Our services include the following:

Telephone Answering Services

No matter what business you are in we can take your calls and deliver them to you in a timely, concise manor 365 days per year. In today’s “I need it now” society your customers expect to reach your...

Physician Services

Our experienced staff will follow your instructions, screen your calls and dispatch them to your as instructed. Consultations and room notifications: We gather all of the necessary information that...

Funeral Home Services

At PCS OnCall we understand how fragile your business is and we train all of our staff on how to properly handle your calls with respect and reverence. When taking a “Death Call” we...

Realtor Support Services

In this ever changing real estate market you cannot afford to miss a sale. At PCS OnCall we can answer your calls while you are out and patch them through to you so that you don't miss a call or a sale.

Appointment Scheduling

We can schedule appointments on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can place confirmation calls to you clients and/or patients and reduce the amount of “no shows” which will...

Voice Mail

Our state-of-the-art voice mail system offers a wide range of money saving features, from a simple voice mailbox to a tree of multiple mailboxes. Your voicemail box can be programmed to...

Call and Text Message Archiving

Conversations that our operators have with callers are recorded and kept on file for 60 days. At any time during this 60 day period we can provide you a recorded copy of a conversation...

Call Screening

This is a customized recording that your callers hear which gives them general office information, office hours, etc. It will politely ask them to call back during normal office hours if...


This is a feature that allows our system, instead of operators, to actually do the paging and locating of on-call personnel. This keeps operator intervention down to a minimum, thus...


Need us to dial a number for you? We can connect you to anyone or any number you wish. Let us dial the number for you so you don’t have to worry about caller ID or the hazards of...

How is my driving?

We can provide you with stickers and toll free numbers to put on your vehicles so that concerned citizens can report any unsafe driving habits that your employees may have.

Wake up calls

Let us know what time you need a wake up call and we can schedule it, either live operator or automated.

Are You Ok Senior Care

We can call your elderly loved one at specific times throughout the day to make sure they are okay. “Have you eaten?” “Have you taken your medicine today?” If something is wrong we will...

Virtual Office

We can supply you with everything you need to give your business the appearance of a fully staffed office without the cost of rent, utilities and payroll expenses!


At PCS OnCall we can customize a rate plan to fit your needs.

You are charged on a time basis so that you are only charged for the time actually spent processing your calls. No rounding up is ever done, if a call lasts 10 seconds then that’s what you are charged for.

Many answering services bill every four weeks, or 13 times a year so that their rates appear low. At PCS OnCall we bill monthly, only 12 times a year.


the PCS Story

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    PCS opened for business in 1985 with just four local customers. Today that customer base has grown to cover every state in the nation. Our customers have remained loyal to us throughout the years because we provide professional service at an affordable price. Our business was built on the belief that “customer service is the highest calling of all” and decades later that still holds true.

  • PCS Means Reliability You Can Count On

    During the planning stages of PCS we knew that in order to provide an exceptional service, at an affordable price we had to stay current with the ever changing world of technology. That’s why we only use the most state of the art equipment that is in turn backed up by dual back up power sources.

  • Our President Kevin Richardson

    Another important piece of the puzzle was making sure that our customers always had direct access to upper management. No matter what the need is, our President, Kevin Richardson is always available. In fact you will often hear him answering your calls! “The only way to effectivelly manage a business is to be active in all aspects of that business. My customers look to me for solutions to their communications needs and I feel that the only way to offer true solutions is with a hands on approach.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How quickly can I start using PCS OnCall?

It is very important that your account is set up correctly and that our staff has time to thoroughly review your account so that we can handle your calls properly so we will always take the time we need to get your account programmed correctly. Although each account is different we can normally have you up and running within 24 hours.

How do I transfer my calls to PCS OnCall?

There are several ways to forward your phones to our answering service with the simple forwarding services that your telephone company should provide and we have listed below.

Traditional Call Forwarding: This is the most popular method that requires you to manually forward your phones each time you want us to take your calls. Simply dial 72# or in some cases *72 followed by the telephone number that you want to forward to. We will provide you with this number once we have you programmed in our system.

Busy/No Answer Transfer: You provide your telephone company with the number that you want your phones forwarded to as well as a predetermined number of rings that you and/or the caller will hear before the call is forwarded. With this feature, should all of your lines at your office be tied up or if you can’t answer for some reason the caller will automatically be transferred to us so that your calls always get answered!

Remote Call Forwarding: This is a permanent type of call forwarding that redirects all of your calls to your answering service. You cannot turn this feature on and off; it is preset in your telephone companies switch.

How do you know that a call is for my business?

When you are programmed into our system we will assign you a unique telephone number that is only set up for your particular account. You forward your calls to that number and when that number rings into our system your account is presented to one of our representatives. This is what allows us to answer in your company name and follow the instructions as you have requested.

How can I receive my messages?

At PCS OnCall we have a wide array of options all suited to fit your needs. We can deliver your messages via fax, email, text messaging, pager, verbally over the phone, or voice mail. And you can combine any of these options to insure that you never miss a call! We will also provide you with a complete list of calls each day for your review. We can even route messages to specific employees or departments.

We have very detailed on call schedules, how can you keep track of the shift changes? Can I make last minute changes?

Once you provide us with your on call schedule we program it into our system and the shift changes take place as you have scheduled, without intervention. If you have a last minute change simply call, fax or email us and we will make the necessary change immediately. You can also access your call schedule and make any changes from anywhere you have access to the internet.

I have satellite offices in several different states, can PCS OnCall provide service to those locations as well?

Across the street or across the nation, PCS has you covered. With the flexibility of our state-of-the-art equipment we can receive and route your calls to anywhere, anytime.

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